Charity & Social Enterprise Solicitors Cornwall

As a Charity and Social Enterprise law firm with over 30 years of experience, the charities and social enterprise sector form a core part of our business.

Organisations operating in the Charity and Social Enterprise sector range from substantial to small businesses but all make a significant contribution to the quality of life of people everywhere.

They all have special requirements in charity law relating to their public purposes, constitutions and governance, but they have a need for commercial advice in specialist fields, such as employment law, real and intellectual property law and commercial contracts.

An established charity and not-for-profit practice means that we are experienced in these fields and are committed  to meeting  the rapidly changing needs of the sector.
Our Charity and Social Enterprise solicitors look after our clients with a positive approach to all their challenges, including the changes introduced as a result of the Charities Act 2011 and the Companies Act 2006.

Our Charity and Social Enterprise solicitors are also committed to contributing to the continuing development of the Charity and Social Enterprise sector and the creation of new public service mutuals across public service sector.

For assistance and legal advice in this area call us today.